Patrick Martin


W. Patrick Martin was born and raised in Euless, Texas a suburb of Ft. Worth. He is 1986 Graduate of Trinity High School in Euless, Texas. Patrick is founder and operator of New Hope Pictures located in the DFW, Tx area and is involved in the Independent entertainment industry as an Executive Producer, Writer, Photographer and Director. Winner best short film Lake Charles Film Festival “Where I find Peace” as Writer and Director. Winner Best Feature Film Calamity as Producer, Writer and Executive Producer. numerous awards for other short films. He starred in a role he wrote on “HOLLOW ROAD” with Melina Lyon. Currently he is working on a new short film “THUNDERLANE” as a working title.

W. Patrick Martin

Karine Lima

Karine Lima Portrait1

Karine Lima is a complete artist

Actress she starred in many TV series, feature films, short films, commercials and music videos (Section de recherches, Sous le soleil, Léa Parker, Joséphine…)
She won the Award of the Best Actress in Fatal at the International Euro Film festival, Spain.

Writer and director, she made several projects, Shorts, documentaries, commercials, TV shows.
Karine won Best woman director at the Los Angeles independent film festival and Recognition filmmaker award at CreActive International Open Film Festival.
Fatal, shot in 35mm was selected in more than 30 festivals in the world and won: Best short film at Cinefest global, USA and Best short film at the International Euro Film festival, Spain.

TV Host and journalist since 2000 for French, Portuguese and Swiss TV (M6, TF1, I Télé, Eurosport, National Geographic, NRJ12, Canal+, RTPI…) she speaks 5 languages and was finalist for the Price talent Award class communication, nominated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal.

She was also a professional dancer, and singer. She participated in many songs Touch your mind, I’m a dreamer, Menina bonita…
Athletic, she participates in motor racing and other sporting challenges (Andros Trophy, Raid Amazon…)
She also mobilizes thousands for humanitarian associations
She’s a passionate woman!


Pranav Bhasin

Director/Editor based in Mumbai, India. Been making short films and Music Videos for the past 4 years.

Marika Krajniewska

782A2761-1 (1)

Marika Krajniewska, film-maker, writer, publisher. I was born in Sankt – Petersbur, I live in Poland. I am writing books and scripts. www.papierowymotyl.pl

Shailik Bhaumik


I’m a multi award winning postmodern filmmaker. My work focuses on fiction, documentaries and commercials.

I have made a feature film named DASEIN (in 2015).
DASEIN is a Meta-modern, experimental, philosophical, nonlinear film.

As of now it has bagged 34 Official Selections and 8 awards from different International film festivals.

I have been selected as an INTERNATIONAL JURY at the International Open Film Festival – Dhaka, (IOFF – 2016)

Creativepool, a London based Creative Industry expert’s organisation has given me a position in their “TOP 25 INFLUENTIAL FILMMAKER OF 2016” list.

You may contact me at shailik.bhaumik@gmail.com
Please visit my website www.hlcstudios.org

Neil George

neil pic

Neil George graduated from Ravensbourne, UK with an MA in Broadcast Futures and is now an award winning producer, director and director of photography (DP) with fifteen years of experience and over 100 credits to his name.
He has been working in South Korea as a producer/director, DOP and professor of film since 2011, where he mostly concentrates on feature documentaries related to human rights issues.
His recent North Korean documentary, ‘While They Watched’ (2015), has gone on to win several awards around the world and has currently been selected into 16 international film festivals as well as securing 2 global distribution contracts.
He is now working on his third feature documentary, ‘After the Sewol’, looking at the Sewol ferry disaster that happened in 2014 in South Korea.

Pablo Zapata

pablo zapata

Pablo Zapata is a filmmaker born in Margarita Island in Venezuela in 1977. He studied Arts / Film at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). He worked making short films in prisons in Venezuela for 3 years with the Cineclub/Waleker. He has developed his work for the past 15 years as a graphic and web designer, photographer, animator and filmmaker. He currently lives in Buenos Aires Argentina where he participated in exhibitions with photographs and short films.

Saham Hosseini


Saham Hosseini is originally from Tehran, Iran, and he moved to USA with his family when he was 15 years old on Christmas day of 2001! He graduated from University of Iowa in Mechanical Engineering in 2010. In 2013, he got laid off from his engineering job at Caterpillar, and that gave him an opportunity to collaborate with talented people of Synthetic Love Films; he was the first AD for “A Beautiful View of Nothing ” and “Pins.” Then he was the sound recorder for “The Farkus Laws,” and currently he’s the second AD for his first feature film, “Synthetic Love Inc.” Working with them inspired him to peruse his passion, which is filmmaking. He wrote Heart Connected from a personal experience of being away thousand miles away from his friends and relatives whom he loved, but their memories always stayed with him. Therefore, he decided to turn that into a love story and decided to write this as a prologue of a feature. His writing mentor, Ramin Nematollahi, guided and consulted him that this could be a great project for his directorial debut, which he took his advice and proceeded making this short film.

Gianluca Fratellini


Gianluca Fratellini was born in 1980 in Modugno, a little village near Bari in Puglia, Italy. His career in 3D animation actually started at the early age of 14 during high school years and without privileged access to a personal computer.

After exploring various software as a generalist carrying out different tests in animation he also started his first short-film “A Bug’s Story” (5 minutes), inspired by the characters from Pixar’s movie “A Bug’s Life”.

He started his professional career in Luxembourg where he worked for Oniria Pictures on his first TV series “Bob’s Beach” and two animated feature films “Tristan & Isolde” and “Renart the Fox”.
He decided to create his second short-film “Life in Smoke – Una Vita in Fumo” about 8 minutes long completly realized and produced by himself with which he won several international awards, earning numerous important prizes in Italian and International Film Festivals until today.

He worked at Ubisoft in Montrèal, Canada, as 3D Senior Animator and Layout Supervisor in the Cinematic’s department of games such as “Splinter Cell”, “Prince of Persia”, “Rainbow Six”, “Far Cry”, “Assassin’s Creed”, “And 1”, “Surf’s up”, etc…

He has also been a 3D animation teacher – Level II at the Campus of Ubisoft organized by Cegep of Matane in Quebec and he is a teacher in advanced animation at Animum School in Spain.
He worked at Animal Logic in Sydney in Australia, as a 3D Character Animator for Mumble for the Warner Bros animation film “Happy Feet” that won an Acadamy Oscar. He worked in England as 3D Senior Animator at Climax for the cinematic game’s of “Overlord” and “Silent Hill – Origins”. He worked at Ilion Animation Studios in Madrid, Spain, as 3D Character Animator on the 3D animated feature film “Planet 51” after he worked on the commercial Danone and also as 3D Lead Animator on the TV series “Glumpers”. He also worked with Double Negative in London as 3D Character Animator on the movie “Paul” with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost for Universal Pictures, and on the Disney/Pixar movie “John Carter” with the Pixar’s director Andrew Stanton (from Wall-e and A Bug’s Life).

He worked at Sony Pictures Imageworks in Vancouver (Canada) as 3D Senior Animator on the cartoon movie “Hotel Transylvania” directed by Genndy Tartakovsky and later he worked for 3 years at Blue Sky Studios in New York as 3D Character Animator for “Epic”, “Rio 2”, “Peanuts” and “Ice Age: Collision Course” and two short-film “No time for Nuts” and “Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe”.
He is actually working in London at Framestore where he worked for the Walt Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast” directed by Bill Condon and he is actually working on the animation for the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2” directed by James Gunn.


Anne Murray

Anne Murray photo

Anne Murray is an American and Irish artist living in Europe. Her work manifests itself in photography, video, and writing. Her images take shape from her views on philosophy, science and the interconnectedness of the smallest particles in the universe. She is interested in how light can change how we perceive our experiences through the manipulation of the eye of the camera. She is someone who questions everything and has been described by many as intrepid.

Nicolas Bianco-Levrin


Born in 1979, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin studied at the Duperré Art school in Paris and published his first book for children “Simon without nights” in 2002 for which he won the Graphic Octogone price from the International Center of Litterature for Children. Since that time, he published 25 books, using each time a new technic of illustration : picture in black and white or in color of rough models, drawings with acrylic or chinese ink. Nicolas Bianco-Levrin directed 30 animation films. He is now working on a new short : Une Histoire de Jeannot, produced by La Luna productions.


Hui Kai Su


Hui Kai (Kai) is a motion artist, animation director, and graphic designer born in Taiwan and currently based in New York City. Several years of experience in the creative industry for film and print in Taiwan led him to pursue a Master’s degree in animation. Always thinking and observing the world. Kai is devoted to creating works that integrate the arts, commercial, and technologies, with engaging storytelling.


Thomas Kadman

SHOT6181 copy

Born to English father and Italian mother, he was mainly raised in Italy. He studied at Bologna University majoring in Cinema, Arts and Drama. Whilst at University he had access to thousands of films, including silent films such of those of Lumiere, Epstein, Keaton and many more. After landing lead roles in films made for Italian television, being bilingual (English and Italian) we wanted to also acquire an American accent. He flew over to LA, to spend a couple of months studying with the late, and legendary, Robert Easton. Some of Easton’s students include Leonardo Di Caprio, Robert Duvall, Lawrence Olivier and Forest Whittaker to name a few. So effective were Easton’s methods, that Thomas only needed a few session to be able to confidently speak with an American accent.
Now based in London his recent credits include Criminal, opposite Kevin Costner, Life on the Road with Ricky Gervais and New Blood, a new BBC television drama. Through his production company Dryblue filmshe wrote, directed, produced and starred in shorts The Wise Men and That Guy. In the pipeline 3 feature films, and a list of stars that include Stefania Sandrelli, Ivano Marescotti and Francesco Salvi.


Emily Pan

EP Headshot

Emily Pan is a filmmaker, musician, and writer from Houston, Texas, USA. She is best known for creating the 2015 animated short film, “Tortoise,” which has been screened at the University of Texas, the West Chester Film Festival, the Utopia Film Festival, the Adelaide Kid’s Film Festival, the Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival, the Legends of Hollywood Film Festival, and Ozark Shorts.


Raghav Peri


Raghav was born and raised in Hyderabad, India. He finished his Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering from JNTU, Hyderabad, India. He moved to USA on work in 2013 and lives in Delaware now. Though he works as a software professional at a bank, his real love & passion has always been cinema since childhood.

Right from school days, he always wanted to be part of cinema and dreamed of becoming an actor watching films of his favorite heroes. He grew up and his favorite heroes became movie directors. That’s how his desire to express himself through films begun. His first short film was a one-min short called ‘Be Positive’. It was written/directed/shot/edited by himself in a single day. This gave him enough confidence and encouraged him to make more short films on different subjects. Few of his works include ‘Paisa’, ‘Chedarani Gurthulu Na Yedalo’ and ‘Prashna’. His maiden film project in USA called ‘Bar Study’ in 2015 won him few awards at film festivals and played in different cities in India, Russia and USA. He worked as an assistant director for couple of feature films and web-series. Currently, he is getting ready to make his debut feature film in USA.

Patrick Moser

patrickmoser photo

Patrick Moser is a Studio Art professor at Flagler College in St Augustine, FL. He exhibits his videos, paintings and drawings nationally and internationally.

Website: http://patrickmoserpaintings.com

Nick Iway

Iway Headshot Kafka

Nick has worked in film as a professional for over 5 years in the art, grip and production departments. His directoral debut, the feature film Androgynym, released in March of 2016, has been met with widespread critical acclaim.