Finalists 2016

Piper (2016) by Alan Barillaro

The Answers (2015) by Michael Goode

The Dam Keeper (2014) by Robert Kondo

Bis Gleich (2014) by Benjamin Wolff

The Present (2014) by Jacob Frey

Forever (2014) by Erik Schmitt

The Bravest, the Boldest (2014) by Moon Molson

I Bet My Life by Jonathan Desbiens

Uncanny Valley (2015) by Federico Heller

Voodoo in My Blood (2016) by Ringan Ledwidge

Something Under the Bed by Scott Pittock

Johnny Express (2014) by Kyungmin Woo

DOUBLE A by John Merizalde

Code 8 (2016) by Jeff Chan

Mutant City (2016) by Philip Carr

The Parakit – Save Me (2016) by Will Kindrick

Symphony No. 42 (2014) by Réka Bucsi

Stutterer (2015) by Benjamin Cleary

Lila (2014) by Carlos Lascano

Shok (2015) by Jamie Donoughue

Historia de un oso (2014) by Gabriel Osorio Vargas

Lava (2014) by James Ford Murphy

Feast (2014) by Patrick Osborne

Chandelier (2014) by Daniel Askill

The Expert (2014) by Lauris Beinerts